... comprises the entire culture of food including aspects like like decoration, tablemanners, rituals, or ceremonies...


comprises the entire culture of food including aspects like decoration, manners, rituals or ceremonies…


... As a studio for food photography we follow an integrated approach.


You can make with us reportages about Michelin-star-decorated chefs, as well as food videos in a specially designed set or exactly aligned pack shots. Just everything that is needed for food and beverage shooting is on board. Furthermore we put our interest on food relevant subjects: latest styles and trends, people and food, cutlery and chinaware.


Our creative work benefits from some 30 years of experience, our huge and fully equipped studio where even large productions and sets seem to look small.


Fully equipped we offer facilities for cooling of several thousands litres, professional kitchen equipment. And, of course, a complete photographic equipment, slow motion camera, outdoor equipment, everything that is necessary for a professional food shooting.


Our creative team always struggles for the optimal technical solution. Visual artists compose pack shots out of several layers, set-designers quickly put together a kitchenette, the CGI-department whips a matching background, and in-house editors and experienced food stylists create a unique style. We are looking forward to your call!